NEOSOLAR ltd. was founded in 2007.

The main business directions are growing, storing, presale preparation and wholesale distribution of selected fresh fruits.

The company owns a garden with square 165 hectares, which is located 40 km away from Kishinev in the direction of New Aneni city. The garden is located in ecologically clean region; the soil is rich with minerals, needed for growing products of good quality.

The products have good quality, and our fruits are ecologically clean. Newest technologies are used in production, as well as modern agricultural machinery.

NEOSOLAR grows and sells the following types of fruits:

– Plums (Stanley grade)

– Apricot ( Kostuzhenskiy and Nadegda grades)

– Cherry (Oblachinskaya grade)

– Sweet cherry (Stella, Van, Chikalov, dryland blueberry, and Vinka grades)

Near the garden, the company owns a 120-ton industrial refrigerator, which has a positive effect on the quality of our products.

The company owns an industrial fruit dryer.

The company's success is based on professional knowledge of our workers; each of them is competent in his or her area and devoted. Management of the company has wide experience in growing and distribution of fruits.

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