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We are ready to offer the following assortment of fruits for small or large wholesale (please, ask the manufacturer to provide information on availability of needed quantity and purchasing price):

Grade Photo Description Quantity*, tons Price**
Stanley - The Stanley Plum Prune has large, sweet, juicy flesh. The dark blue skin enfolds delicious, greenish-yellow meaty flesh. If you love prunes, you will want this tree!
- Stanley prunes are excellent for canning, fresh eating, and drying. The fruit is larger than most plums.
- The Stanley Prune is late blooming, extremely cold hardy and reliable. Harvest is late summer.
- It does not need a pollinator but you can generally get more fruit if you have other plum trees nearby for availability to more pollen. It is also a great pollinator for other plum trees.
- The Stanley is a heavy producer! It is freestone.
- This tree blooms with white flowers and they bloom later than Japanese plums. The showy, fragrant blooms and the small size of this tree make the Stanley an attractive choice for home landscapes.
approx 800 -
Kostuzhenskiy - Fruits are large (weight 50 g), round or rounded-ovate rather flat, very slightly compressed laterally. Ventral suture narrow and quite deep at the base only.
- The skin is velvety pubescent, golden-orange with a nice blurred and dotted with dark red blush.
- The flesh is pale orange, dense, medium juicy, fairly sweet, with a pleasant tartness, clearly expressed apricot aroma and good taste.
approx 90 -
Nadejda - The fruit is large, weighing 60 grams, egg-shaped.
- The main color of the fruit yellow, with a pale blush.
- The flesh is yellow, sweet taste, with a faint aroma.
- Bone is small, freely separated from the pulp.
- The fruits are suitable for both fresh consumption and for processing.
Oblachinskaya - The fruit is medium in size, 15 x 17 x 16 mm, weighing about 3 grams, from rounded to shirokookruglyh, dark red.
- Flesh is dark red, dense, sweet-sour taste mediocre, with significant predominance of acid.
- Fruits contain: Solids - 16.0% sugar - 8.5% free acid - 2.0%, ascorbic acid - 16.3 mg per 100 g fresh weight. Bone 9 x 8 x 7 mm, weighing 0.3 g, 10% of the total weight of the fruit, rounded-oval, smooth, sredneotdelyayuschayasya from the pulp. Fruits, with high acidity, mainly suitable for processing into jams, juices and quick freezing.
approx 20 -
Stella - The fruit ripens in early July, very large - 8-10 grams, dark red, shiny, very juicy and tasty. approx 90 -
Van - Medium-sized, almost black, curved shape, juicy fruit. Very fragrant.
- The flesh is juicy.
- Ripens in late July.
Chikalov - The fruit is large, weighing 6-8 g, with a blunt tip, dark red, almost black-and-red, dark red juice.
- Flesh is dark red, with pink streaks, juicy, contains solids - 13.5%, sugar - 10.7% free acid - 0.6% ascorbic acid - 21.5 mg / 100 g fresh weight. Bone is large, weighing 0.37 g, creamy, almost round.
- Sort dessert destination, is also suitable for canning.
Dryland Blueberry - Fruits are very large (10,4-12 g), dark red, the skin is quite sturdy, thin, easily removed.
- Flesh is dark red, thick, gelatinous, juicy, good sweet-sour taste.
- Fruit medium ripening, II decade of June
- Good transportability.
Vinka - Fruits are large (8 g), round-heart-shaped, dark red, shiny, medium juicy, dark red wines, sweet, excellent flavor.
- The fruits ripen from June 15.

*- ask the manufacturer to provide information on availability of needed quantity
**- ask the manufacturer to provide information on purchasing price):